10 Things NOT To Do When Promoting Your Music Online

1) Do NOT update your status with your music profile links every day, it’s gets old and people will start ignoring you. 

2) Do NOT go searching for a record deal before you’ve established a large following and have many shows under your belt. Even then, a record deal might still not be the right move for your career. 

3) Do NOT expect a fanbase to come find you. You need to find them.

4) Do NOT skimp on producing your music—a well-produced track is the first step between you and a potential fan.

5) Do NOT think you are above engaging with your listeners.

6) Do NOT delay playing your music live in front of as many audiences as possible, even if your set isn’t perfect yet.

7) Do NOT say ‘no’ to opportunities early on in your career, no matter how small they are. 

8) Do NOT promote too many songs at once. Focus on your best couple songs and market those to a new audience first. 

9) DO NOT be afraid to reinvent yourself.

10) Do NOT charge people upfront as a new artist. Embrace the power of free.